Dumpster Love Trashes Reputation

Oneida Police Officer Andy Davis responded to a telephone call regarding a possible statutory rape at Sonic on Alberta Street in Oneida. A Sonic Manager informed Officer Davis that a 16 year male had came to her concerning the incident. The 16 year old male and another manager, Ashley L. Lawson, were at the dumpster at the same time, throwing away some boxes, on Saturday October 5th around 9PM. According to the male, some kissing and petting resulted in the violation of the teenager. In and interview with Mrs. Lawson, she stated that there been some flirting between the two the day before. The victim and the defendant both gave voluntary statements to Officer Andy Davis. Ashley L. Lawson was charged with alleged statutory rape by an authority figure. Victim’s name is with-held because of age. Ashley L. Lawson, age 22, is a resident of  Kentucky.