Three Charged with Alleged Drug Possession for Resale.

On May 2nd, Agent Bill Miller with the Oneida Police Department while conducting a narcotics investigation, set up a meeting to purchase an ounce of marijuana from a male, identified as Deshawn E. Smith.  Smith and two others, identified as Brittany R. Lunsford and Stephanie P. Hoover, brought an ounce of weed from Knox County to Scott County to a meeting location in Oneida.  Agent Miller had marked units conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle after the three were identified as the individuals bringing the marijuana.  Smith was asked about the marijuana and he stated that he, Lunsford and Hoover were bringing approximately an ounce of marijuana to Oneida to sell.  Smith, Lunsford and Hoover were charged with Possession of a Schedule VI Drug for Resale and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.