Winfield Duo Charged with Alleged Sell of Drugs

On April 26th, Agent Bill Miller with the Oneida Police Department, while conducting a narcotics investigation and utilizing a confidential source, did set up a meeting with Bryson Crowley and Clarisa M. Newberry to purchase suboxone.  The duo agreed to meet at Wal-Mart in Oneida in the lawn and garden section.  A text message from Newberry described where they were exactly and what they were wearing helped officers properly identify and ultimately take them into custody.  Once Officers confronted the duo the suboxone that was sold was handed over to the officers.  The lawn and garden section is located within 1000 feet of Oneida Elementary School.  The school zone was active during the time of the meeting and arrest of the duo.  Crowley was charged with Sell of a Schedule III Drug and Violation of Drug Free School Zone Act.  Crowley and Newberry were arrested and transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.  A second search of Newberry’s belongings, a small clear plastic wrapper was discovered in her wallet with five white pills in which Newberry stated was hers and a was adipex.  A cut off straw around three inches long was discovered inside the wallet as well.  Newberry was charged with Possession of a Schedule IV Drug and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.