Elgin Woman Charged with Alleged DUI

On April 23rd, Officer Dustin Laxton with the Oneida Police Department was dispatched to a possible drunk driver in a blue Hyundai traveling north on Highway 27 at the Boys and Girls Club.  Officer Laxton fell in behind the vehicle in front of the hospital and observed the car weave into the turning lane and back into the northbound lane and conducted a traffic stop at Roark’s Service Center.  Upon speaking with the driver, identified as Marsha L. Jones, observed that she was very lethargic and had thick, slow speech.  Officer Laxton asked Jones if she was on any prescription medication which she stated no.  While Jones was looking for her driver’s license in her purse, Officer Laxton noticed a blue prescription bottle and asked to see the bottle during which Jones stated it was her husband’s as she handed it over.  Officer Laxton observed the bottle was filled on April 10th with 120 tablets of oxycodone but the bottle was empty.  While waiting on Jones’ license to come back, Officer Laxton noticed she was continuously rubbing her nose.  Jones was asked to exit the vehicle for the Sobriety Field Test.  Prior to administering the sobriety test, Officer Laxton searched Jones for weapons and found a 400mg gabapentin in her right jacket pocket.  The field sobriety test was then administered whereupon Jones failed.  Officer Laxton checked Jones’ nostrils and they were red and swollen.  Jones was then placed in custody for Driving Under the Influence and was read the implied consent which she gave consent for a blood test and was advised she would test positive for soboxone.  Sgt. Brett Bond found a soboxone strip and 300mg gabapentin in Jones’ purse.  Jones was then transported to the EMS station for a blood draw and transported to the Scott County Justice Center on charges of Possession of a Schedule III Drug and Possession of a Schedule V Drug.