Left or Right? Wrong Signal Leads Driver to Jail

Oneida, TN (2018-11-26) A Knoxville driver that couldn’t discern between his left and right drove right into trouble Saturday in Oneida.

Nicholas T. Hamby, 21, of Knoxville was jailed Saturday following a traffic stop in Oneida.  Authorities say that Hamby was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Patrolman Aaron Johnson of the Oneida Police Department, Hamby caught his attention after signaling a right hand turn as he merged left into traffic on U.S. 27.  Johnson followed Hamby, who turned onto Litton Road, and then onto Grave Hill Road.  Johnson says he tried to stop Hamby near the intersection of Stanley Street, but he continued on.  Authorities say that Hamby finally stopped near the intersection of Stanley Street and Kendra Drive.

“(I) could smell the odor of alcohol coming from (Hamby),” Johnson wrote.  Authorities say that Hamby admitted to drinking beer earlier in the day.  Johnson administered a battery of field sobriety test; many of which Hamby reported performed poorly on.

When authorities searched Hamby’s truck, they reportedly found two silicone containers of marijuana dab oil, two marijuana pipes, a butane torch typically used to heat the pipes, and a loaded Taurus 9mm pistol.  During a subsequent search of Hamby, authorities say they also recovered a vaping device that contained marijuana oil.

Hamby reportedly refused to give authorities a blood sample.

Hamby was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, a schedule VI controlled substance; possession of a firearm while intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hamby wasn’t the only driver lately that was busted because of giving a wrong signal.  Early Monday morning, authorities stopped Christopher L. Silcox, 43, of Huntsville on West Third Avenue after he allegedly signaled a left turn and then made an abrupt right turn onto Williams Creek Road.  Authorities say that Silcox first signaled in front of Burchfield School he was going to make a left turn, and then made a right turn onto Williams Creek Road.  Sgt. Brett Bond of the Oneida Police Department was following Silcox.  When Silcox attempted to make a U-turn at the intersection, Bond stopped him.  Authorities later discovered that Silcox was allegedly driving on revoked license and he was charged accordingly.