Williamsburg Man Facing Drug Charges Following Theft Report

Oneida, TN (2018-11-13) A Kentucky man is facing felony drug charges following an investigation into an alleged theft at a local discount store.

Michael Lawson

Michael Lawson, 28, of Williamsburg, KY was booked into the Scott County Jail Sunday after authorities say they found more than a gram of meth on him following his arrest for shoplifting.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Sgt. David Stephens of the Oneida Police Department, Lawson allegedly took a Samsung cellular telephone from Walmart in Oneida without paying for it.  The cops confronted Lawson in the parking lot, where he reportedly handed over the stolen phone.

In addition to the phone, authorities say that Lawson had a lip balm container filled with a white crystalline substance and a drug strip. Lawson reportedly told officers the powder was meth, and the strip was Suboxone.  Authorities say the meth weighed around 1.5 grams.

Lawson was charged with theft of under $1,000; possession of methamphetamine and Suboxone, both schedule II controlled substances; and vandalism.