Fall Fire Season Approaches…Is Your Home Firewise?

Oneida, TN (2018-10-25)  As cooler temperatures arrive and leaves begin to fall, now is an ideal time to prepare for fall fire season.  Leaves accumulating on the ground increase the risk of fire, and a couple sunny days are enough to dry the leaves out. 

Fire safety tips from the National Park Service

Campers are reminded to make sure they clear leaves away from their fire rings before lighting a fire and to make sure their fire is completely out before leaving.  A light breeze is enough to carry hot embers into nearby vegetation.

Projects that can be done at home to help protect your house and property from fires include moving wood piles away from buildings, fixing or replacing screens around the house, and installing screens over vents to prevent embers from entering.  Other fall projects like cleaning gutters, replacing loose or missing shingles, and cleaning up dead landscaping from exterior walls all help to reduce your risk of fire.

For more ideas on how to help protect your house and property, visit the following website: