County Historical Society to Move into Old Courthouse

Huntsville, TN (2018-06-18) In an effort to better preserve and display Scott County’s genealogical records and other documents of historical value, the Scott County Historical Society will now be making its home at a treasured county landmark.

The Scott County Commission entered into a lease agreement with the Scott County Historical Society Monday night that would move the historic preservation organization from its current headquarters inside the historic Doisy House to the Scott County Courthouse.  Per the agreement, the historic society will have use of the upstairs courtroom and rooms adjoining the courtroom for the purpose of storing and displaying public documents, and the preservation of genealogical archives.

The one-year lease will renew automatically, until either party gives the other at least 180 days prior written notice.

In other business, the Commission approved several grants and contracts geared towards the criminal justice system. Those included:

  • A $70,000 grant from the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for salaries, benefits and taxes in the Certified Recovery Court Program;
  • A $20,000 grant for specific assistance to individuals in the Addiction Recovery Court Program;
  • The annual State contract for Juvenile Detention Services, setting the compensation rate at $132.38 per child, per day; and
  • A contract with the Scott County Probation Program Support Services for probation fees collected. The Program will receive 25% of fees collected, not to exceed $40,000 in the fiscal year.