One dies, one survives single-engine airplane crash

Huntsville, TN (2018-01-31) One person has died and another survived the crash of a single-engine plane in Huntsville. 

Wreckage of a Beechcraft Bonanza off Old Jamestown Road in Huntsville (Photo Courtesy : Scott County Sheriff’s Office)

Scott County emergency crews have found the wreckage of a downed single-engine aircraft that had been reported missing on Tuesday.  After searching throughout the night, emergency crews reportedly located the wreckage of the plane in the 500 block of Old Jamestown Road in Huntsville.

Authorities confirm one person died, while the pilot and a dog on-board survived the crash.  The pilot, believed to be the registered owner of the aircraft, David S. Maxwell, was transported from the scene by the Scott County Ambulance Service to the football field at Huntsville Middle School, where he was life-flighted by LifeStar Air Ambulance to a Knoxville-area hospital.

The victim of the crash, believed to be Maxwell’s wife, was a passenger in the aircraft.

The aircraft, a 1960 model Beechcraft Bonanza, was reportedly in flight from Florida to the couple’s home in Springfield, OH.  Unconfirmed reports state the aircraft experienced engine failure around 1:55 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.  Authorities speculate Maxwell may have been attempting to glide the powerless craft to the Scott County Airport.  The aircraft ended up in a gully just off Old Jamestown Road, in a wooded area behind Tennier Industries in Huntsville.  Maxwell may have attempted to land the aircraft there, as it had been recently logged.  The wreckage was found within a 100-yards of a residential dwelling.

Emergency crews had searched a vast area on Brimstone Mountain since just before midnight on Tuesday.  Crews were homing-in on an emergency beacon being emitted from the downed aircraft.  A flight crew from the USDA Wildlife Service, who just happened to be in the area, joined the search early Wednesday morning and found the downed aircraft shortly before 9:00 a.m.

Authorities say the aircraft was found mostly intact and had apparently clipped a tree during its uncontrolled descent.

The couple’s daughter, identified as Erin Patton, also of Springfield, OH, had started a Facebook page in an attempt to locate her parents.  She reportedly made her way to Scott County early Wednesday morning.

The FAA has dispatched an accident investigation team to the scene.

Agencies participating in the search and rescue included the Scott County Emergency Management, Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Scott County Rescue Squad, Scott County Ambulance Service, Huntsville and East 63 Volunteer Fire Departments, Tennessee Army National Guard, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.