KY Man Allegedly Swallows Pills to Avoid Prosecution

Oneida, TN (2017-07-03) A Kentucky man facing shoplifting charges allegedly attempted to avoid additional charges by swallowing several pills after he was arrested.

Brandon L. Hill, 31, of Pine Knot, KY was booked into the Scott County Jail Friday afternoon, after he was allegedly caught stealing from the Oneida Wal-Mart SuperCenter.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Patrolman David L. Stephens of the Oneida Police Department, Hill allegedly took a pair of watches from the store.  The watches, which were valued at just $22.96, were reportedly later recovered from Hill’s clothing.

Hill was arrested for the crime and transported to the Scott County Jail.  En route, authorities say Hill, who was handcuffed behind his back, managed to take multiple pills and ingest them.  In his narrative, Stephens said he caught Hill moving around in the back of the car in a manner consistent with someone trying to open something behind his or her back.  Stephens pulled over onto the shoulder of the road.  When he opened the rear door, Stephens said Hill was chewing on a large quantity of pills.  Hill allegedly told authorities he had taken two Hydrocodone tablets and six Xanax tablets.  At the jail, authorities say they also recovered a snorting straw from his back pocket.

Hill was charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance (Hydrocodone), possession of a schedule IV controlled substance (Xanax), tampering with evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia, and shoplifting (theft of less than $1,000).