Fourteen Indicted by Grand Jury

December 10, 2017

Huntsville, TN (2017-12-08) Meth and other drug related charges dominated the December session of the Scott County Grand Jury.  In all, fourteen people were indicted. According to documents from the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, the Scott County Grand Jury indicted fourteen people in December.  Of those, most were drug-related, and many of those were associated with the highly toxic drug, methamphetamine. [ Read More ]

McCreary County Off-Road Ride Scheduled to Bring Awareness to Child Abuse

December 8, 2017

Strunk, KY (2017-11-08) On Saturday, hundreds of people are expected to gather at the Horse Arena in Strunk, KY to bring awareness to child abuse.  The ride will be held in honor of Kylie Jo Sizemore, a Nicholasville, KY infant who sustained severe head trauma, broken bones, and a multitude of other injuries allegedly at the hands of her babysitter. [ Read More ]

Lewallen Recognized for 41 Years of Service to Community

December 6, 2017

Nashville, TN (2017-12-05) Since 1976, Andrew (Andy) Lewallen has been patrolling the beat in Scott County.  During his tenure, he has served under multiple administrations, and two different departments, but has been an officer of the law, in various capacities, for 41 consecutive years.  He was recognized by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office for his service to the community. [ Read More ]

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