Helenwood Man Charged with Alleged Disorderly Conduct

On February 5th, Officers with the Oneida Police Department were dispatched to the motel in Oneida concerning a male refusing to leave.  Officer Zachary Strunk and Chief Laxton spoke with employees of the motel who stated the individual, identified as Dean Ellis, refused to leave at the designated check out time.  The employees also stated that when they advised Ellis it was time for him to check out and that he needed to leave he became belligerent.  Officers were then met by Ellis on the front porch of his room at which point officers advised him that the room rental was expired and it was past the check out time and he would need to leave.  Ellis then yelled at the officers “go to h*ll,” and that he was “Almighty God.”  Officers again advised Ellis he needed to leave the premises at which point Ellis became belligerent with officers and began yelling and cussing at them again.  Ellis was charged with Disorderly Conduct.