Robbins Man Charged with Alleged Disorderly Conduct

On January 28th, Oneida Police Officer Zachary Strunk was dispatched to the Food Court concerning a male threatening suicide.  While en route, Officer Strunk was notified by dispatch that the individual did have a firearm and the individual stated if he sees law enforcement he would kill himself.  Once officers arrived on the scene and were able to secure the firearm without incident, the male, identified as Timothy Henry, was informed that he was being detained for his safety as well as officer safety.  Henry was placed in Officer Strunk’s patrol unit.  While Officer Strunk was speaking with Henry’s family, Henry began kicking the vehicle door and hitting his head against the glass.  Sgt. Trammell ordered Henry to stop hitting the door.  At that point, Henry tried to get of the patrol unit, Sgt. Trammell ordered him to sit back in the vehicle in which he did.  Henry’s family stated they were concerned about him and wanted him to get help.  Henry was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.