Oneida Woman Charged with Alleged Fraudulent Use of a Debit/Credit Card

On January 19th, Investigator Andy Davis, with the Oneida Police Department, received information regarding fraudulent use of a debit/credit card, and theft.  When Davis contacted the victim, identified as Glenda Fetterman, she stated she had suspicions of family taking her money.  Mrs. Fetterman asked if Investigator Davis could wait until her daughter came into town so she could help her gather information from her accounts and be present while speaking with officers.  On January 22nd, Davis spoke with Mrs. Fetterman and her daughter.  Mrs. Fetterman stated she had purchased makeup from Jatosha Chambers Davis on August 22, 2019, for a total of $399.05.  Since the date of the first purchase, Mrs. Fetterman’s card had been charged 74 more times without permission or consent from the card holder totaling $9,201.24.  Mrs. Fetterman stated she did not give Mrs. Chambers Davis permission to withdraw anymore money, nor agreed to a contract or have received any other product, since August, which showed a total of 74 unauthorized purchases use.  The names connected to the withdraw amounts are Rodan and Fields, R&F-PMN, ToshaTierra Venmo.  Rodan and Fields is a business in which Jatosha is a consultant with.  Officers advised of another case regarding an unknown victim who purchased $291.00 of makeup with Jatosha who canceled and returned the order.  After a period of time, the unknown victim stated she had to contact Mrs. Chambers Davis regarding the issue and stated her legal obligations in order to receiver her money back, totaling $582.00.  Jatosha Chambers Davis had been using Mrs. Fetterman’s card information to receive money through Rodan and Fields, Paypal and Venmo without permission.  She was charged with Fraudulent Use of a Debit/Credit Card.