Chattanooga Woman Charged with Alleged Aggravated Assault

On January 30th, Oneida Police Officer Tony Jones was dispatched to the Big Orange Country Store for a group of individuals fighting in the parking lot.  Upon arrival, Officer Jones spoke with the victim who had, from the looks of his clothing, had been in an altercation.  His shirt was ripped, had puffy eyes, complained of a broken finger on his right hand, and had mace on his face.  According to the victim he was pumping gas at the station when a female, identified as Cortlyn Evans, came out of the gas station and started to scream at him and threaten him.  At that point, the victim got into a physical altercation in which he was maced.  Upon speaking with Evans, she stated to the officer she did not mace the victim and did not know anything about it.  A male, identified as Darrel Slaven, revealed that after Evans maced the victim she threw the can away inside the store for fear it was illegal for her to have it.  According to statements from four witnesses obtained by Officer Jones, Evans came inside the store after macing the victim bragging about macing him, screaming she was three months pregnant and wanted someone to call the law.  After locating the mace can in the garbage of the store Evans admitted to spraying mace on the victim during the physical altercation between Slaven and the victim.  Cortlyn Evans was charged with Aggravated Assault.