Tennessee Consumers Received More Than $3 Million in FTC Refunds in 2019

New data released by the Federal Trade Commission shows that consumers across Tennessee received $3,088,732 in refund checks from the FTC in 2019.

In addition to refunds, the newly released data also shows that Tennessee residents filed 53,751 complaints with the FTC last year.  The most common category of complaints received from Tennessee consumers was Identity Theft, followed by Imposter Scams, Telephone and Mobile Services, Credit Reporting Issues, and Debt Collection.  Consumers in Tennessee reported losing $20,575,466 to scams and fraud.

The most common type of fraud reported to the FTC in 2019 nationwide was impostor scams; government impostor scams, in particular, were the most frequently reported, and up to more than 50 percent since 2018.  Of all reports received, the top categories were identity theft, impostor scams, telephone and mobile services, online shopping, and credit bureaus.