Kentucky Man Charged with Alleged Theft

On January 5th, Sgt. David Stephens, with the Oneida Police Department, responded to Wal-Mart in reference to a male subject in the process of stealing merchandise.  Upon arrival, Sgt. Stephens located the male, identified as Mark Brown, at the front of the business with a shopping cart of merchandise.  Brown had placed a V-Tech Video Baby Monitor inside a Cornflakes box and a Bi Crosswave Vacuum inside an infant car seat.  Brown had also taken bar codes off of cheaper items and placed them over several more expensive items.  He was in the process of scanning the hidden merchandise and the concealed bar code items when officers made contact.  Brown spontaneously uttered a confession to the concealing of merchandise and bar codes.  Total value of the items was $683.32 and was recovered by Wal-Mart.  Brown did take merchandise and conceal bar codes with the intent to deprive Wal-Mart of stated price and property.  He was charged with Theft Under $1,000.