Oneida Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

While on patrol on December 27th, Sgt. Toby Jeffers, with the Oneida Police Department, observed a red Ford truck southbound on Alberta Street.  Sgt. Jeffers had knowledge that the driver of the vehicle, Jason Laxton, had his driver’s license revoked for an alleged DUI.  Sgt. Jeffers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and spoke with Laxton.  Laxton stated that the revoked license was a lie and his license was good.  Sgt. Jeffers asked Laxton if there were any syringes in the vehicle or any illegal narcotics whereupon Laxton stated no and that he did not do drugs anymore.  Sgt. Jeffers asked for consent to search the vehicle but was denied consent.  Sgt. Jeffers then asked for assistance from the sheriff’s department K9 unit Deputy Skylar Chambers.  While waiting on the K9 unit, Laxton asked Sgt. Jeffers several times just to let him go then began to dig around in the center console.  Sgt. Jeffers asked Laxton to stop what he was doing and step out of the vehicle for the officer’s safety.  Laxton responded, “You better let me go.  I’m warning you.”  Sgt. Jeffers then assisted Laxton out of the vehicle and placed him into custody for driving on a revoked license.  At this time K9 Deputy Chambers arrived on the scene and deployed his K9 partner around Laxton’s truck.  The K9 alerted to the driver side of the truck where officers located on the driver side back of the truck a small bag with a zipper.  Inside the bag were several hundred drug baggies and a set of drug scales.  Further search of the vehicle led to Deputy Chambers finding three bags of meth in the sunglass holder above the rear view mirror.  Sgt. Jeffers then located two syringes in the center cup holder where Laxton was digging around during the traffic stop.  Laxton was placed under arrest and charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug for Resale, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (x3), Driving on a Revoked License, and Window Tint Violation.