Oneida Woman Charged with Alleged Theft

On October 25th, Officer Tony Jones, with the Oneida Police Department, was dispatched to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a report on a stolen purse.  Upon speaking with the victim she informed the officer that she had left her purse next to her seat where she was eating inside the restaurant.  Upon leaving and going to the Wal-Mart parking lot, she noticed she did not have her purse with her.  The victim then returned to KFC to retrieve the purse but it was not there.  Upon speaking with the manager Officer Jones reviewed camera footage.  While reviewing the footage, it was observed by Officer Jones that a female, identified as Kelli Garris, enter the restaurant at 2:55 p.m. without a purse or bag, but upon leaving she was observed stopping where the victim sat, bend over and pick up something out of the floor of what resembled the bag/purse that was reported stolen and walk out of the restaurant.  Upon taking inventory of the contents from the owner of the bag she stated there was $126 in cash, a Samsung S7 cell phone ($825), along with multiple credit and debit cards, which were deactivated before the officer’s arrival, along with house keys, and multiple electric car keys totaling over $300.  Garris was indentified as working at another restaurant from the uniform she was wearing, a blue headband, and her black hair in pigtails, which did match what she was wearing at the time of her arrest.  The value of the property reported stolen was $1,376.  Garris was charged with Theft over $1000.