Oneida Man Charged with Alleged Violation of Sex Offender Registry

Officer Andy Davis, with the Oneida Police Department, received information regarding a violent sex offender attempting to gain access to a residence with an 11-year-old female who was home alone.  During the investigation, Officer Davis spoke with the 11-year-old victim.  The victim stated on two separate occasions, October 3rd and 4th, a male she identified as Timothy W. Nash had knocked on the door of her home.  She stated in the first encounter Nash had walked onto the front porch and knocked just moments after she got off the school bus and went inside the home.  The victim stated Nash had been standing in his window, watching as she walked to her home and had walked around on the porch for a few moments after knocking before leaving.  She stated she had called law enforcement because she heard that the male on the porch was a sex offender.  The victim stated that on October 4th she walked from the school bus to her residence and Nash was in his window watching her again and within seconds of entering her residence she heard something on the back door.  She stated she was unable to see from inside the house, so she made her way outside and around the side of the house to witness Nash attempting to pry the back door with a wood stick.  On October 9th, Officer Davis interviewed Nash and advised him that he was there to speak freely and willingly and that he was not being detained nor arrested at the time and was free to leave anytime during questioning.  During the interview, Nash admitted to watching the victim walk from the school bus to her house from his living room window.  Nash stated after watching her walk from the bus to the house something came over him and he could not resist himself and he had to try to talk to and be around the little girl.  Nash went to the front door and began knocking.  After asking Nash about being on the back porch prying on the back door he state he seen her walking from the bus to the house and he could not control himself again and had to try to get inside the house and be with the little girl.  During questioning, Officer Davis asked Nash why he was prying on the back door with a wood stick he stated “he was just holding the stick and may have had it held against the door.”  During the interview, Nash was asked if the information the 11-year-old girl had given Officer Davis was true regarding his clothing and knocking on the doors from the porch and he stated yes.  After running Nash’s driver’s license, they did not bare the sex offender code on them, as the address he moved to is less than 1,000 feet from his past victim’s home being roughly 524 feet.  Nash was charged with Violation of Sex Offender Registry (x2), Attempted Aggravated Burglary, and Aggravated Stalking.