Oneida Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

On September 24th, dispatch received a call from an ETHRA worker stating that a male was passed out behind the wheel of a red Jeep at the ETHRA building.  Upon arrival, Officer Toby Jeffers, with the Oneida Police Department, observed a male, identified as Frank Rosenbaum, asleep behind the wheel.  Officer Jeffers approached the vehicle and Rosenbaum woke up and stated he was waiting for his wife to get off work.  Officer Jeffers asked him if he had anything on his person and he stated no.  Rosenbaum was then asked to exit the vehicle and to turn his pockets inside out.  Rosenbaum put both hands in his pockets and turned his left pocket out but kept his right hand in his pocket.  Officer Jeffers asked him to remove his right hand from the pocket and in his palm he had a gold container.  Inside the container there was one oxycodone and one bag of meth.  Rosenbaum was arrested and charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug (meth) and Possession of a Schedule II Drug (oxycodone).  He was transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.