Oneida Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

On September 25th, officers with the Oneida Police Department arrived at a residence on Vine Street to execute a search warrant on an ongoing narcotics investigation.  Upon arrival, the officers came in contact with a male, identified as Bretley Mills, standing in the yard.  Officers then quickly detained Mills and gave him a copy of the search warrant.  Officers then began search of the residence.  In the basement, officers observed a set of drug scales lying on a table and a box of sandwich bags beside the scales which is indicative with the sale of narcotics.  Beside the baggies and scales was a Mountain Dew bottle completely full of baggies that had been cut to package narcotics.  K9 Deputy Skylar Chambers brought in the K9 and located a sunglass container hid above an air vent in the basement.  Inside the case was approximately 1.95 grams of meth and a meth pipe.  Mills was charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug (meth) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.