Robbins Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

On September 7th, officers received a call of two males in a blue Chevy HHR beating on the back door of the Weight Loss Clinic beside Roark’s Pharmacy.  Upon arrival, Officer Toby Jeffers, with the Oneida Police Department, came in contact with the described vehicle in the parking lot of Roark’s Pharmacy and conducted a traffic stop.  Upon seeing the officers, the driver of the vehicle, identified as Gregory Brown, kept digging around in the vehicle is if he was trying to find something.  Officers then removed Brown from the vehicle and detained him for further investigation.  Officer Jeffers ran Brown’s driver’s license through dispatch and was advised that his license was revoked and that he was a habitual offender.  Officer Jeffers asked Brown if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and Brown stated he did have some marijuana but thought his friend had taken it with him.  Officer Jeffers then located in the driver door a small Advil container with marijuana inside.  Further search of the vehicle led to finding a black zipper bag behind the passenger seat.  Inside the bag were three syringes and a small glass container containing meth.  Brown was arrested and charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Schedule VI Drug, Drug Free School Zone Act, and Driving on a Revoked License.