Man Charged with Alleged Driving Without a License

On September 10th, Officer Dalton Walden, with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, observed a vehicle that matched the description of a stolen vehicle at the Fill-N-Foods gas station.  As Officer Walden turned around the vehicle was turning onto Highway 27 going south and the tail lights were not working.  Officer Walden conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle just south of Fill-N-Foods and has he approached he asked the driver, identified as Danny Sexton, for his license, registration, and proof of insurance.  Sexton could not provide a valid driver’s license, registration, or insurance.  Officer Walden ran a driver’s license status on Sexton through dispatch and it came back Sexton did not have a valid driver’s license and also ran a check on the registration plate on the back of the vehicle and it came back to a different vehicle.  Sexton stated he had taken the plates off of his father’s truck and took the vehicle earlier that day.  Sexton’s father did not give him permission to drive the vehicle.  His father also stated that he took the battery out of his truck to get the car started to take it.  Sexton was arrested and charged with Driving Without a License, Registration Violation, Financial Responsibility, Light Law, Failure to Display on Demand, and Joy Riding.