Helenwood Man Charged with Alleged Public Intoxication

On August 20th, a male, identified as Dylan Phillips, tried to enter a female’s vehicle without permission at the Marathon station on Third Street in Oneida. Sgt. Brett Bond, with the Oneida Police Department, came in contact with Phillips on Industrial Lane.  Officer Aaron Johnson arrived on the scene and observed the odor of alcohol on Phillips.  Officer Johnson asked Phillips what he had to drink and he stated he had six 16 ounce Bud Lights and some Jack Daniels about an hour prior to the stop.  Officer Johnson then asked Phillips if he would submit to doing the field sobriety test and he stated he did not want to do them.  Officer Johnson asked Phillips to put his hands behind his back because he was under arrest for public intoxication and he stated he would not.  Officer Johnson instructed Phillips to stop resisting and to follow instructions and he still refused to comply.  Phillips was subdued to the ground by Officer Johnson, with the assistance of Sgt. Bond.  He was restrained and transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.  Phillips was charged with Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest.