Town of Oneida Rejects Sale of Oneida Water

At a meeting of Town of Oneida and Aldermen (Thursday), Mayor Lay read a press release concerning the potential sale of Oneida Water to Tennesse American Water.

The release stated: “As the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for the Town of Oneida, we are committed to providing a community environment that is led and managed in an effective, accountable and efficient way.

The most successful cities and towns are those that strive every day to learn and improve, from both and individual and community-wide approach. As Mayor of the Town of Oneida, my goal is to continually search and   explore new ideas  and ways to improve our town and the lives of all of our citizens.

We are committed to providing necessary service that assure a quality of life for our citizens,. One critical service is the highest level of water and sanitary sewer service in a safe and efficient manner.

For the past several months, we have been exploring the feasibility of selling our water s system to a privately-owned water company. We have looked carefully at whether our citizens and community would benefit from such a transaction.

The community participation in this discussion that has taken place over the last several weeks has been crucial in our decision. After much research, investigation and public forums, we have decided not to move forward with the sale of the water department.

The Town of Oneida will continue to provide safe drinking water and water for fire protection for our citizens.

As always, please feel free to contact our office if  you have any questions, Mayor Jack Lay and Board of Aldermen.


Malinda McCartt and Attorney Scarlett Ellis came before the board to discuss the need of certified Safety Officers for Oneida Independent Schools. Malinda is Coordinated Health, Family Resource and School Safety Coordinator. It seems both the schools and Town of Oneida are searching for certified officers. The Oneida Police Department has lost some good officers to other out of county entities stated Mayor Lay. A grant of $105,000.00 would pay for the resource officers at the schools. Mayor Lay stated that He and the Board would do all they possibly could to help fell those vacancies.