Man Charged with Alleged Vandalism

On August 3rd, Deputy Lukeus Murphy, Deputy Adam Phillips, and Deputy Brittin Lewallen, with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, were in the booking area of the Scott County Justice Center when an individual, identified as Kenneth Strunk, was getting ready to be transported to the Campbell County jail to be housed. The officers asked Strunk to get up and comply to be shackled and handcuffed.  Strunk did not comply with the orders and at that point the officers physically made him stand to be shackled and handcuffed whereupon Strunk started to resist.  Once officers had Strunk in custody they walked him out to the sallyport area of the Justice Center to put him in the back of the jail vehicle for transport Strunk stated to the officers that they were going to have a fun ride and he was going to kick the window out of the vehicle if they put him in the back seat.  Officer Murphy advised Strunk if he kicks out the window in the jail care he will be charged with vandalism.  Officers put Strunk in the back of the vehicle and no less than 5 seconds later he kicked out the right back door window of the jail car.  He was then advised by officers he would be charged with vandalism and he stated he didn’t care.  Strunk was charged with Vandalism and Resist stop, Frisk, Halt, and Search.