Oneida Special School District Board Decisions

The Oneida Special School District Board of Directors finalized routine business Thursday Evening to prepare for schools opening Monday August 5th. A children’s Center Agreement, which is standard, Supplemental Assignments, Early Dismissal Days, the 2019-2020 Budget were all approved. Approval was given for letting bids on a Special Education Van, which is funded by a grant. Several policies such as Attendance of non-resident students, Minutes and Fundraising activities, were passed , which were up grades conforming  with   state mandates. Policies regarding separation practices for non certified employees and alcohol and drugs in the work place were approved on first reading with waiving the second reading.

A report on coordinated school health revealed community organizations support in the giving of school back packs loaded with school supplies to students, totaling more than ten thousand dollars in value, and a grant of one hundred and five thousand dollars for the hiring of full time security resource personnel. The OSSD meets the 1st Thursday of each month, and is open to the public.