Hunters Asked to Act Now to Help the Future of Deer Hunting in Tennessee

It’s no secret, Chronic Waste Disease (CWD) is in Tennessee and it poses a huge threat to our deer and elk populations.  CWD is a highly contagious neurological disease in deer and elk that causes weight loss, abnormal behavior, and eventual death.

“Chronic Waste Disease is proving to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, threats to white-tailed deer and the important conservation work that deer hunting supports,” said Michael Butler, CEO of the Federation.  “If we do not work to manage CWD to low levels of prevalence, it will forever change our state deer herd for the worse,” he added.

The next deer season is just around the corner and the TWRA has a clear message.  To effectively control the disease, they need a lot more data about where CWD is and at what levels.  The only way to get that data is for sportsmen to hunt more and get their harvests tested.

If you are a deer hunter, gather your friends and family to hunt this season.  Follow the regulations set by the TWRA on transporting and submitting your harvest for CWD testing.