Man Charged with Alleged Public Intoxication

On July 20th, Officer Tyler Johnson, with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, received a call about an individual at the Cozy Inn driving a black truck arguing with another person in a black Suburban.  Upon arrival, Officer Johnson located a black F150 in the parking lot with the windows down and as he looked in the vehicle found Ariceo Morales laying in the floor board of the truck with his head in the seat.  Officer Johnson woke him up and asked if he was okay.  Morales said he was really drunk and wanted to go back to sleep.  After a few minutes of trying to wake Morales up, his wife pulled into the parking lot of the bar.  She stated that she had come to pick him up from the bar because he was drunk and that he did not want to come with her because she was mean to him.  Officer Johnson asked Morales multiple times to go home with her because he could not stay in the parking lot of the bar.  Morales refused and stated he would not go with her.  He was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication.  He was transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.