Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

On July 21st, Officer Tyler Johnson, with the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, observed a vehicle traveling north on Highway 27 with a registration light out.  Officer Johnson conducted a traffic stop across from Old 27 in Robbins and found Robert Heath to be the driver of the vehicle.  Officer Johnson asked Heath for consent to search the vehicle for illegal narcotics and contraband and consent was given.  A cigarette pack was found in the driver door pocket that contained multiple types of pills.  Heath had three different types of Percocet, three different types of Schedule III Narcotics, five different types of Schedule IV anxiety pills, one Schedule V narcotic, one legend drug for anxiety, and a marijuana pipe.  Heath also could not show proof of insurance on the vehicle and admitted to not having any.  He was charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug (x3), Possession of a Schedule III Drug (x3), Possession of a Schedule IV Drug (x5), Possession of a Schedule V Drug, Drug Paraphernalia, Registration Law, and Financial Responsibility.