What Is Oneida’s Water Future?

Oneida Mayor Jack Lay expected a number of citizens to be  in attendance at the Mayor and Aldermen Meeting Thursday (night), to ask questions about the future of water for the Town of Oneida. Tennessee American Water Company had 3 reps present, and was given an opportunity to address questions: first they laid out a little history of the company, that had been in the water business some 134 years, and had never experienced a single violation from the E P A. Tennessee American Water had built a reputation over the years that they protected. Customer service and quality water was their aim. They are a community minded company, supports fire departments, sports, civic clubs and welcome town hall meetings in the future. Tennessee American Water answers to state regulations just as the Town of  Oneida must meet regulatory requirements.

Mayor Lay at the start stated that the Town of  Oneida had not made an offer to sell to Tennessee American Water and Tennessee American water had not made an offer to buy.  .  For full questions and discussions, please check OCV TV’s Program Schedule on Comcast Channel 4 and channel 119 on Highland Media for showing of the meeting.

Representative Kelly Kiesling was present to present a keep shake as he referred to a large check of one granted to the Town of Oneida on September 21, 2017 in the amount of five hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for improvements at the Waste Water System. He stated rural health was a issue for the state, noting he had just been notified that the electric service had been cut at Jamestown Regional Hospital.

In regular business, the board approved an  amendment  to the budget and the budget for the 19-20 year, leaving the tax rate the same as in years past.

Again, tune in to OCV Channel 4 and 119 for the showing of the meeting.