Huntsville Man Charged with Alleged Domestic Assault

Deputy Lee Johnson of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Monticello Pike in Huntsville on a domestic assault.  Upon arrival, Deputy Johnson spoke with Charlene Boush who stated her boyfriend, identified as Matthew Tolison, was inside the residence and was drunk and had hit her.  She also stated that Matthew Tolison had come home drunk and told her she had to leave his house.  Boush stated that she was gathering her things and walked to the back door to leave and Tolison come after her with his fist raised and she put up her arm to defend herself and he struck her on the inside of her right arm.  Deputy Johnson then spoke with Tolison who was sitting at the kitchen table and asked him to come with him and talk and Tolison stated he had not reason to talk to him.  Deputy Johnson then instructed Tolison to stand up, turn around and place his hands behind his back.  Tolison stood up to walk forward and stumbled around the table.  As Deputy Johnson placed handcuffs on Tolison he could smell alcohol on his person.  Tolison stated that they had been arguing ever since he came home and just wanted her to leave.  He was charged with Domestic Assault (Simple)