Williamsburg Couple Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

On May 8th, Officer Jeffers and Officer Chambers with the Oneida Police Department were dispatched to the Dollar General in Oneida to assist County Officer Joseph Byrge.Upon arrival, Officer Jeffers located Officer Byrge with a male and female inside the store.  Officer Byrge had received a call of a reckless driver and located the vehicle at the Dollar General then made contact with them.  Officer Jeffers spoke with the female, identified as Julia Carr.  He was given consent by Carr to search the vehicle.  Carr stated she had her medication in a white and black purse.  Officer Jeffers located the purse and setting on top was a cigarette pack containing a small amount of meth.  Carr was placed under arrest and charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug.  Officer Jeffers then spoke with the male, identified as Joseph S. Caddell, and asked if he was hiding any meth on his person.  Caddell stated he was not hiding any meth.  Officer Jeffers then asked if he had anything illegal on his person whereupon he removed three gabapentin pills and two hydrocodone pills from inside his pants.  At this time Carr told officers she had given the pills to Caddell.  She was charged with Casual Exchange.  Caddell was charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug and Possession of a Schedule V Drug.  They were transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.