Oneida Man Charged with Alleged Burglary

On May 11th, Officer Tony Jones with the Oneida Police Department was dispatched to a call of a man walking in and out of the road on West Third Avenue in Oneida.Before arrival, the call was updated to the individual had gotten in a vehicle at 540 West Third Avenue.  Upon arrival, he saw a male, identified as Harce Wade Allen, inside the vehicle and knew the car as he had seen it multiple times parked at this residence and knew it did not belong to Allen.  As Officer Jones approached the vehicle with emergency lights activated Allen was actively in the front driver seat going through the vehicle as if to look for items to remove or trying to start the vehicle.  Officer Jones immediately told Allen to step out of the vehicle whereupon Allen started asking why he was in the car and didn’t know what was going on.  Officer Jones assisted Allen out of the vehicle and told him to place his hands behind his back.  When he had placed one hand in the restraints Allen jerked his other hand away and asked what the officer was doing.  Officer Jones then forced Allen onto the side of the vehicle and forcibly placed him under arrest without any other incident.  After being placed in the patrol unit Allen proceeded to yell that he was not in control.  Allen was charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Vandalism, and Public intoxication.  Other officers on the scene were Dustin Laxton and Toby Jeffers with the Oneida Police Department and Zack Strunk with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.