Winfield Man Charged with Alleged Drug Paraphernalia

On May 3rd, Officer Aaron Johnson with the Oneida Police Department came in contact with a silver sedan with a headlight out. Officer Johnson conducted a traffic stop on Highway 27 by the Mike Cross Memorial Bridge.  Sgt. Brett Bond with the Oneida Police Department was speaking with the driver, identified as Robert D. Smith, when Officer Johnson noticed Smith remove a syringe from the door of his vehicle.  Officer Johnson instructed Smith to hand the syringe to Sgt. Bond and step out of the vehicle.  Smith was asked if he had anything illegal on his person or in the vehicle and he stated no.  Upon search of the vehicle, a baggy was found between the passenger seat and console with white residue that Smith later stated it had methamphetamine in it earlier that day.  Robert Smith was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking.