Jamestown Man Charged with Alleged Drug Possession

While on patrol on March 10th, K9 Deputy Daniel Garrett with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office was traveling east on Highway 52 in Robbins and ran a tag on a gray Ford F150 pickup truck.  Dispatch advised that the tag came back on a blue Fork pickup.  Deputy Garrett conducted a traffic stop on the pickup in front of the Elgin Post Office due to the tag coming back to the wrong color and found Oscar Wayne Lowe to be the driver and the passenger was identified as Cody Yaden.  While speaking with Lowe and Yaden, Deputy Garrett noticed both individuals were acting nervous.  Deputy Garrett asked them if they had anything illegal inside the vehicle or on their persons.  Lowe hesitated then relinquished a plastic homemade container with a screw lid and stated it contained baggies with meth residue in them and also relinquished a black zip up pouch that contained a snort straw and a metal container that had marijuana roach in it along with loose marijuana.  Yaden stated that the marijuana was his.  Deputy Garrett noticed Lowe was still acting very nervous and told him that if he had anything else in that truck that he needed to be honest about it.  Lowe swore that he didn’t have anything else inside the truck.  Deputy Garrett asked Lowe to step out of the vehicle.  Lowe stayed bladed away from Deputy Garrett and looked back into the truck.  Deputy Garrett leaned over to look around Lowe to see what he was looking at and noticed a bag of suspected meth laying in the driver’s seat where Lowe had been sitting.  Lowe was taken into custody and charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  Deputy Garrett searched the vehicle and found a marijuana pipe in the passenger side door pocket that was wrapped in a rag.  Yaden was issued a citation by Deputy Garrett for Simple Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  Lowe was transported to the Scott County Justice Center for booking without incident.