False Report About Auto Burglary Leads to Drug Charges Against Helenwood Man

Huntsville, TN (2019-01-07) A Helenwood man that called the cops twice to report someone had broken into his car has been arrested on drug possession charges.  His housemate is also facing charges.

Dakota D. Claxton, 23, of Helenwood and Marsha J. Hines, 41, who gave a Norma Road address, were arrested early Friday morning following an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office into a possible auto burglary on Virgil Cecil Lane in Helenwood.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Deputy Casey Geisler of the Sheriff’s Office, authorities found nearly 2 grams of meth inside Claxton’s house, along with a host of other drugs and drug paraphernalia.  The suspect may have been under the influence of those drugs, as authorities say there was no one in the car.

Authorities say that Claxton called to report an attempted auto burglary Friday night at his residence on Virgil Cecil Lane; however, when they responded they found no one around the car, nor sign of anyone having been there.  Sometime later, Claxton reportedly called the cops again, this time saying there were three to four people in his car having sex.

This time, Deputy Geisler, K-9 Deputy Tyler Johnson, and Deputy Zack Strunk reportedly arrived on scene while Claxton was still on the phone with a dispatcher.  As deputies peered into the car, Claxton reportedly continued to tell the dispatcher there were people in his car, but that deputies were not there.

When Deputy Geisler approached Claxton, he reportedly spotted a set of scales on a living room table.  Claxton reportedly granted consent to search the house, leading to the alleged discovery of 1.9 grams of meth in a kitchen drawer.  Authorities say they also found 17 Xanax pills, a notebook that allegedly contained dates and dollar amounts spent on narcotics, and $246 in cash.  While searching Hines’ purse, they allegedly found half a Suboxone tablet.

Claxton and Hines were charged with possession of meth (a schedule II controlled substance) for resale, possession of Xanax (a schedule IV controlled substance) for resale, possession of Suboxone (a schedule III controlled substance), felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of drug paraphernalia (12 counts).