Sunbright Man Found Passed Out in Parking Lot Facing Possession Charge

Oneida, TN (2019-01-01) A man allegedly found passed out in the parking lot of a local gas station has been booked on drug possession and intoxication charges.

Douglas W. Melton, 34, of Sunbright, was booked into the Scott County Jail Sunday night after authorities say he was found passed out in his car in the parking lot of Mike’s Station in Oneida.  According to a warrant filed by K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers of the Oneida Police Department, Melton appeared extremely intoxicated and had a variety of pills in his pocket.

When Jeffers and Sgt. Steve Trammell arrived on the scene, they say Melton was passed out behind the wheel.  After knocking on the window several times, they say Melton finally woke up.  As he talked to the cops, his speech was reportedly slurred.

Authorities say they found a variety of drugs in his pocket, including five Xanax bars, an Alprazolam tablet, three methadone tablets, and a single sildenafil citrate pill.

Melton was charged with possession of a schedule-IV controlled substance and public intoxication.