OPD: Two Arrested on Alcohol-Related Charges New Year Eve

Oneida, TN (2019-01-01) A New Year’s Eve traffic stop resulted in alcohol-related charges against a Kentucky man.  An Oneida man is facing charges after he attempted to elude police that responded to a call at Oak Park Apartments.

Aaron E. Watson, 44, of Williamsburg, KY was jailed Monday night following a traffic stop by the Oneida Police Department.  According to an arrest warrant written by K-9 Officer Toby Jeffers of the Oneida Police Department, Watson allegedly had a bottle of liquor under his seat when he was pulled over on a traffic violation.

Authorities say that Watson had an open bottle of Wild Turkey under the seat of his Toyota passenger car when he was stopped on a light law violation.  During the stop, officers also learned that Watson was wanted on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.

Watson was arrested on the outstanding warrant and further charged with violation of the open container law and violation of the light law.

Watson wasn’t the only person arrested on alcohol-related charges New Year’s Eve by the Oneida Police Department.  Andrew Collins, 19, of Oneida was jailed for public intoxication and underage consumption.  Authorities say that Collins was spotted coming out of the woods near Oak Park Apartments by Officer Aaron Johnson, who was responding with other officers to a call at the apartment complex.  Collins reportedly told Johnson he was hiding from the cops because he had been drinking and didn’t want to go to jail.