Helenwood Man Accused of Violent Assault on Christmas Eve

Huntsville, TN (2018-12-31) An alleged pattern of abusive behavior has resulted in multiple assault charges against a Helenwood man.

Adam B. Boshears

Adam B. Boshears, 30, of Helenwood was jailed last week following an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.  Authorities say that Boshears assaulted his girlfriend on at least three occasions since July and battered and threatened to kill his father who attempted to stop him.  Boshears remains incarcerated under a $100,000 bond.

According to a report filed by Domestic Violence Officer Michelle Sexton of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Boshears is accused of verbally and physically assaulting his girlfriend at the couple’s home in Helenwood in the days before Christmas.  On Sunday, December 23rd, a verbal argument between the couple reportedly turned violent when Boshears allegedly began slamming the victim down on the kitchen floor, and then allegedly slamming her against the wall and striking her head on a wooden shelf.  Authorities say that Boshears then took the victim to the bedroom, where he allegedly bent her index finger until it “popped”, and then shoved his thumb into her left eye.  Boshears then allegedly punched her in the mouth twice.  Authorities say that Boshears then grabbed a hickory wood handle and smacked the victim on the side of her head.  The victim reportedly attempted to block the blows with her arms, but Boshears allegedly held her arms and continued to hit her on the head.  Authorities say the victim lost consciousness, and when she regained her mental faculties, she was being dragged face-down by her feet.  The victim reportedly was taken from the home and down an outside staircase, where she sustained injuries to her head and stomach.

Authorities say that Boshears threatened to kill her.  He reportedly attempted to load her on the back of a four-wheeler, when he allegedly threatened to “take her up to the woods to shoot and bury her.”

Boshears’ father was reportedly awakened by the fight and attempted to stop him.  Authorities say that Boshears grabbed his father and told him to leave and take his grandson with him.  The man reportedly went to his daughter’s house, and she accompanied him back to the residence.  Despite the pleas by family members, the victim reportedly did not seek medical help.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve, the argument reportedly turned violent again. Authorities say the perpetrator’s father again attempted to stop his son, but Boshears grabbed him by the throat and choked him.  The man attempted to get out of the house, but authorities say that Boshears grabbed him and pulled him back inside. “You ain’t going nowhere buddy,” Boshears reportedly exclaimed.  Authorities say that Boshears further threatened to kill his father.  “I’m probably going to kill you here tonight,” Boshears allegedly said.

Boshears’ father reportedly was able to calm his son and get him to go to a nearby cabin.  There, Boshears is accused of choking his father.  Authorities say that’s when Boshears became aware that family members were likely calling the cops.  “They’re callin’ the law on me over there ain’t they?” Boshears allegedly told his father.  Boshears then reportedly told his father he was going back to the house and get a gun and he’d be back.  Boshears reportedly told his father, “I’ll finish you quick!” adding, “If you try to run, I’ll torture you to death.”

When Boshears went back to the house, his father reportedly ran to his brother’s house nearby.

Authorities say the suspect’s mother was also present during the assault, saying she was wheelchair bound and unable to flee.  Two small children, ages 18 months and two years, were also reportedly at the residence.

Last week wasn’t the first time Boshears has been accused of abusing his girlfriend.  In July, authorities say that Boshears struck her in the head with a .22 caliber rifle and choked her in the kitchen.  During that assault, Boshears allegedly hit the victim on the legs with both a metal and a wooden baseball bat.  He then was accused of repeatedly hitting her in the face, busting her lips.

Boshears is being held on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault by strangulation, simple domestic assault (three counts), false imprisonment, and reckless endangerment (three counts).