Suspect Wearing Body Armor Captured Outside Winfield Residence

Huntsville, TN (2018-12-03) A Pioneer man found outside a Winfield house wearing body armor has been charged with criminal trespassing.

Michael C. Miller, 34, of Pioneer was jailed early Sunday morning after authorities say they found him clad in body armor outside a house on West Isham Road in Winfield.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Deputy Gary Sexton of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, he was dispatched to the Winfield residence for a prowler banging on the back door of the home.

When Sexton and Assistant Chief Deputy Andy Lewallen arrived at the home, they encountered Miller behind the residence.  “(He) popped up behind us and started saying that his dog was inside the house,” Sexton wrote.  Deputies say Miller continued to make comments that “didn’t make sense”.  When deputies patted Miller down to check for weapons, they reportedly found him wearing body armor.  Miller told deputies he was wearing the prohibited gear because “(he) didn’t want to get shot.”

Miller was charged with criminal trespassing and possession of body armor.