Phillips-Jones Takes Seat on Oneida City Council

Oneida, TN (2018-11-15) Former District Attorney General Lori Phillips-Jones was formally sworn-in last week, becoming the newest of the Oneida City Council.  Homeowners living in dilapidated housing inside the city may soon get help to improve their property.

Former District Attorney General Lori Phillips-Jones takes the oath of office to become the newest member of the Oneida City Council. Retired Federal Magistrate Tom Phillips, who is also Phillips-Jones father, is administering the oath. Oneida Mayor Jack E. Lay looks on.

Last Thursday, Lori Phillips-Jones, a former District Attorney General and former member of the Oneida Special School District Board of Education was installed into her newest political role, alderwomen for the Town of Oneida.  Phillips-Jones was sworn-in shortly before the beginning of Thursday night’s meeting of the Oneida City Council.  Phillips-Jones father, retired Federal Magistrate Tom Phillips, administered the oath of office to her.

Phillips-Jones was appointed in September to fill an unexpired vacancy on the city council.  She replaced former Alderman Jeff Tibbals, who resigned in August to assume his new duties as County Mayor.

“I’m tickled to be here.  Thank you for having me,” Phillips-Jones said at the conclusion of her first meeting.

In that meeting, the city council voted to adopt a series of formal documents pertaining to a recently awarded HOME grant.  In July, the town learned it had received $500,000 to aid in the repair or replacement of dilapidated housing inside the city.  The grant, which does not require any local funding, will be administered by Nashville-based Community Development Partners, LLC.  On Thursday, the city council formally hired the company to provide oversight of the grant, along with a host of other third-party vendors to provide home inspections and related services.  According to Mayor Jack E. Lay, a public meeting will be held in January to give residents more information about the HOME program, along with details about the formal application process.