Cops: Woman Convinces Someone Else to Take Ownership of Drugs, Say Suspect Didn’t Want Drug Bust to Interfere in Child Custody Case

Huntsville, TN (2018-11-08) A Huntsville woman is facing a laundry list of drug and traffic charges following a traffic stop on Baker Highway last week. Authorities say she tried to get the owner of the vehicle to take ownership of the items in the truck because she was trying to regain custody of her kids.

Jennifer A. Smith

Jennifer A. Smith, 34, of Huntsville was jailed last week after authorities say they found her in possession of meth, narcotics, and drug paraphernalia.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Drug Agent Kris Lewallen of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Smith was caught up in an ongoing investigation of a drug buy in Campbell County.

Authorities say that Smith was driving a vehicle that had been connected to an alleged meth purchase at Exit 141 in Caryville.  When Agent Lewallen spotted the vehicle leaving the Family Dollar Store in Fairview, he followed it.  Since Smith was reportedly not wearing her seat belt, Agent Lewallen had a legitimate reason to stop the vehicle.

When Agent Lewallen approached the vehicle, he claimed that Smith appeared to have meth residue on her pants.  Smith allegedly had a baggie in her hand, which authorities say she promptly tucked away in a nearby purse when asked about it.  Smith reportedly produced a gum wrapper and a receipt, claiming they were the items she had had in her hand.

Smith was removed from the vehicle, and the department’s drug dog, Hacon, alerted authorities to the possible presence of drugs.  During a search of the vehicle, authorities say they found less than a gram of meth, a piece of a Suboxone strip, rolling papers, a sandwich baggy with the corners cut out of it, and a set of digital scales.

After cuffing the suspect, the owner of the vehicle reportedly arrived on the scene.  Authorities say that Smith wanted the owner of the truck to take ownership of the drugs because she was trying to regain custody of her kids.  The man reportedly agreed, but authorities say Smith incriminated herself after she allegedly tossed a zippered pouch onto the ground that allegedly contained a chunk of burnt meth and a host of drug paraphernalia.  Authorities say that Smith tossed the bag when she thought officers were not looking, and then tried to say the male subject was responsible.

Smith was charged with felony possession of meth (a schedule II controlled substance) in a Drug Free School Zone, possession of a schedule III controlled substance (Suboxone), felony possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence (two counts), violation of the seat belt law, violation of the registration law, and failure to exhibit driver’s license upon command.