Stolen Vehicle Leads to DUI Charges Against Oneida Man

Oneida, TN (2018-10-29) An Oneida man that allegedly took a vehicle from the owner without permission and drove to an abandoned trailer in Winfield has been charged with DUI.  A Winfield man that was allegedly driving a vehicle with improper tags has been booked on DUI after authorities say he was nearly twice the legal limit of intoxication.

Dennis A. Studer, 51, of Oneida was booked into the Scott County Jail last week following an investigation into a stolen vehicle from an Oneida resident.  According to Investigator Dustin Burke of the Oneida Police Department, Studer allegedly took a 1999 Ford Mustang from a residence on Downing Street without the owner’s permission.  Authorities say that Studer drove the car to Winfield, where he parked it near some empty trailers on Ped Road.  He then reportedly walked to a residence at Slaven’s Trailer Park.30

Authorities used telephone records from previous encounters with Studer to help them identify which trailer he may have gone into.  When they approached the trailer, authorities say Studer bounded out the back door, but was ‘snatched’ by Patrolman Aaron Johnson before he could get away.

Authorities say that Studer smelled of alcohol, but he only admitted to drinking one, 25-ounce beer.  The owner of the car reportedly told authorities that Studer had been ‘drinking all day’.  Studer reportedly failed a battery of field sobriety tests and had a breath-equivalent blood alcohol level of 0.105.  In Tennessee the legal limit of intoxication is 0.08.

Authorities say that Studer did not have a driver’s license.

He was charged with driving under the influence, violation of the habitual motor vehicle offender law, and violation of the financial responsibility law.

A Winfield man that was allegedly nearly twice the legal limit of intoxication has also been charged with DUI.

Danny B. Chitwood, 57, of Winfield was arrested last week following a traffic stop at Lee’s Food Mart in Winfield.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Investigator Dustin Burke of the Oneida Police Department, Chitwood allegedly admitted to consuming about eight beers throughout the day.  Chitwood reportedly performed poorly on a series of field sobriety tests.  After being transported to the Scott County Jail, authorities say that Chitwood’s breath-equivalent blood alcohol level was 0.136.  In Tennessee the legal limit of intoxication is 0.08.

Chitwood was originally stopped for allegedly driving a vehicle without proper registration.  Authorities say that Chitwood’s Grand Prix passenger car displayed a tag that was registered to a Chevy Blazer, and that those tags were expired.  Chitwood reportedly also didn’t have a valid driver’s license, which he allegedly had lost because of a prior DUI conviction.

Chitwood was charged with DUI and driving on revoked license.

In a non-related arrest last week, Ronald D. Stephens, 45, of Oneida was charged with DUI after authorities reportedly found him slumped over in the driver’s seat of his vehicle at Lee’s Food Mart in south Oneida.  Authorities say they had to awaken Stephens, who appeared impaired, and he failed a series of sobriety tests.