KY Woman Facing Drug Charges

Oneida, TN (2018-10-08) A Kentucky woman found cowering in the back seat of a van on Sandcut Road is facing a multitude of drug-related charges after authorities say they found more than 3 grams of meth in the vehicle and on her.

Pamela J. Barnett

Pamela J. Barnett, 49, of London, KY was booked into the Scott County Jail last week after authorities say they found her hiding in the back of a minivan on Sandcut Road.  According to arresting officer Tony Jones of the Oneida Police Department, officers found approximately 2.76 grams of meth in the van.  Authorities say that corrections officers at the Scott County Jail found two more small bags of meth on her person during booking, bringing the total amount of meth seized to more than 3 grams.

The circumstances leading to Barnett’s arrest started at a fast food restaurant in Oneida.  Officer Jones reportedly spotted a 2002 Toyota minivan with expired tags in the parking lot of McDonald’s around 3:00 a.m. Monday (October 1) morning.  By the time Jones ran the tag, the van had left the parking lot.  Jones followed the vehicle northbound on Alberta Street, where it turned onto Sandcut Road near the V.F.W. Post in north Oneida.  Jones soon found the vehicle at a residence on Sandcut Road.  Assuming the occupant had parked the vehicle and went inside the residence, Jones went on.  Thirty minutes later, Deputy Tyler Johnson of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office found Barnett hiding in the back of the vehicle.

Barnett reportedly told deputies that she was traveling with three male subjects that instructed her to stop at the Sandcut residence, so they could visit a friend.  She then alleged she had given the keys to one of the male subjects, identified only as Samson, because she was tired.

Authorities say the meth found in the van was packaged in small bags typically used by sellers and a set of scales was also found.

Barnett was charged with possession of meth for resale, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drug paraphernalia (two counts), possession of meth in a penal facility, introduction of drugs into a penal facility, criminal trespassing, and violation of the registration law.