Agents: Oneida Couple Charged Following Discovery of Meth ‘Ice’

Huntsville, TN (2018-10-04) A Scott County couple is facing drug charges following a visit by local police to their residence in Oneida.  Authorities say the couple had a felony amount of meth ‘ice’ in their possession.

Thomas N. Miller

Thomas N. Miller, age 31, and Kriesty E. Marlar, 47, both of Oneida were jailed Wednesday afternoon following an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the 8th Judicial Drug Task Force into allegations the couple was involved in the sale of a large quantity of methamphetamine.  Authorities say they recovered more than 15 grams of crystal meth from the pair, along with drug paraphernalia.

Kriesty E. Marlar

Drug Agents Kris Lewallen and Bill Miller reportedly went to the couple’s Slaven Lane residence Wednesday afternoon to follow up on an allegation that Miler and Marlar was involved in the illegal sale and transportation of meth.  Authorities say Miller, who was outside the home when they arrived, had more than 13 grams of individually-packaged bags of meth ‘ice’ in his pockets.  Miller reportedly took responsibility for the drugs and was willing to take ownership of anything found inside the house.

After getting consent from Marlar, authorities reportedly didn’t find any drugs in the house, but allegedly found more than 2 grams of meth ice in her purse.  Authorities also reportedly found two meth pipes in Marlar’s bedroom—one of which allegedly had meth residue on it.

Miller and Marlar were charged with felony possession of more than 0.5 grams of meth for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Miller was also charged with violation of the Drug Free School Zone Act, as the couple’s residence was near Oneida Middle/High School.