Suspect: “I’m Trying to Sleep”

Oneida, TN (2018-09-17) A call to the cops about a possible dead body lying in the grass near the intersection of O and W Road and W. Third Avenue resulted in the arrest of an Oneida man.  The suspect reportedly told authorities he was trying to sleep.

Teddy S. Norris, 45, of Oneida was booked into the Scott County Jail last Friday after authorities reportedly found him lying unresponsive next to the road.  According to an arrest warrant written by Officer Tony Jones of the Oneida Police Department, Norris appeared disoriented and was belligerent to emergency workers.

Authorities say that Norris refused medical assistance and called first responders derogatory names.  While Norris appeared to be breathing, he reportedly initially didn’t communicate with Deputy Daniel Garrett of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, who was first on scene.  When Norris was rolled over, he reportedly told authorities, “It’s night time…I’m trying to sleep.”  Norris reportedly refused medical help, but EMS was dispatched to the scene to evaluate him.  “I don’t want no help,” he allegedly told medical workers.  When y222sked again by Deputy Casey Geisler of the Sheriff’s Office, he reportedly replied, “You greasy-haired n*****.”

Norris was cleared by medical personnel and hauled off to jail.

He was charged with disorderly conduct.