Police: Woman Who Refused to Stop Had Crystal Meth

Huntsville, TN (2018-08-08) A south Scott County woman that allegedly refused to stop for the cops is facing drug possession and traffic charges.

Paula J. Newport

Paula J. Newport, 44, of Sunbright was booked into the Scott County Jail last week on drug possession charges following a traffic stop in the Mountain View community.  According to an arrest warrant written by Deputy Keith Hawkins of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Newport allegedly had crystal meth, along with a snorting straw, in her pocket.

Deputy Hawkins reportedly attempted to stop Newport on Old Highway 27 for a seatbelt violation, but she refused.  After Newport turned onto Kilenbeck Cemetery Road, Hawkins reportedly pulled alongside her vehicle and she eventually stopped. After she exited her car, authorities say that she began fidgeting with the pants’ pocket.  As result, a snorting straw reportedly fell from her pocket onto the road.  After Drug Agent Kris Lewallen, who was assisting on the stop, pressed her about the contents of her pocket, authorities say she produced a baggie of crystal meth from her jeans.

Newport denied ownership of the drugs, saying she “found” the meth in her car when she was pulled over.  She later reportedly told officers that meth made her nervous and she would likely fail a drug test.

Newport was charged with possession of meth, a schedule II controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia; violation of the financial responsibility law; and violation of the seat belt law.