Road Memorial Recommended to Full Commission

Huntsville, TN (2018-08-06) A road leading to an historic cemetery in the Glenmary community may soon be named in honor of the family that has many family members buried there.

At its regular monthly work session Monday night, the Emergency Services Committee recommended to the Scott County Commission that the road leading to the McCartt Cemetery in the Glenmary community be name after the prominent family. The lane, which branches off Goose Creek Private Run, would, if approved by the county legislative body, become McCartt Cemetery Road. The issue was brought to the committee by Glenn Mize, President and General Manager of Country Places, Inc., a Knoxville-based development firm that has purchased hundreds of acres in the area.  Mr. Mize requested the road be named, so those who purchased lots along the street could get a 911 address.

Goose Creek Private Run leading to the cemetery is a public thoroughfare, but not a county road.  Last year, the county legislative body agreed to name the road for 911 addressing purposes only but did not take responsibility for its upkeep.  On Monday, Mize requested clarification of the county’s position, as he had recently made some minor improvements to a section of the roadbed but didn’t want to run afoul with county government. In the past, the county road department had worked on the road for the purpose of allowing family members better access to the cemetery but had not maintained it on a regular basis.  State law allows counties to use resources to maintain public roads leading to cemeteries, even if they are not listed as county roads. “The statute says they can maintain the roads, but it is not required,” County Attorney John Beaty said. Ella Smith, representing homeowners in the area, noted the Road Department had cleaned the roadway for family visitors and funerals in the past, but infrequently. “My father always told me if we wanted to fix the road, we had to do it ourselves, and we have for 75 years,” Smith stated.

As far as the developers making changes to the road, it’s really a private matter. “There’s no law that says you can’t,” Beaty opined.

The Commission will vote on the matter at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 20, 2018.

In other business Monday night:

  • The Building and Grounds Committee heard a request from Jessica Anderson, Program Supervisor with Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, to share office space with Donika Morrow Lee of CASA; and
  • The Community Development Committee recommended the Commission approve two roadblocks; for the Seventh District VFD on September 1, 2018, and at the Elgin Community Center on October 6, 2018.